Know the Easy Steps to Find WPS Pin

What is the WPS pin?

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WPS is a short form of Wireless ProtectedSetup, and it’s an 8 digit number. Basically WPS Pin helpsyou to connect the printer over a wireless network. Pin number is used to establishand authenticate a network connection on wireless router/access point. 

It willnot work on unsecured networks, you should use a WPS or WPA2 secured network. 


How youcan find WPS Pin of Printer? 

You canhave two types of printer models: 

  1. HP Printer with display (Control Panel). 
  2. And the HP printers without display. 

Alternatively,you can also find the WPS pin at theback of your wireless router. It can be at the end or beneath your networkrouter. 

Complete the given steps to find the WPS Pin on the printer device 

  1. Connect your printer with the local home wirelessnetwork. 
  2. Your router must use the WPA or WPA2 security. 
  3. Load your printer with paper. 
  4. Ensure you have completed the printer setup process. 
  5. Download the HP Smart app on your smartphone.  

Method1: WPS pin for Printer with display 

Checkout the steps below for touch control panel printers: 

  1. Establish printer’s connectionwith the wireless network. 
  2. Now go to printer’s control panel display. 
  3. Click Settings icon on your printer. 
  4. Scroll the list and click Network Setup. 
  5. Hit the Wireless Settings option. 
  6. Click Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) andthen select the option PIN. 
  7. Your printer will display an 8-digit WPS pin. 

Method: 2 Find WPS pin on printer without display 

If youhave a printer without display then you will need to print the networkconfiguration report and obtain the pin. Download the HP Smart app on your mobile touse it during the process. 

  1. Turn on your printer and load paper into the tray. 
  2. Next, press & hold the Wireless and Cancel buttonfor 3 seconds. 
  3. Now the power icon light starts blinking that means theprinter is ready for setup mode. 
  4. Go to the Settings menu on yoursmartphone. 
  5. Select Wi-Fi. 
  6. Click your Printer Name, and enter12345678 when asked for password. 
  7. Now open the HP Smart app on your smartphone.  
  8. Click the + icon to add your printer tothe Smart app. 
  9. Go to Printer Settings on the mainpage of the HP Smart app. 
  10. Scroll down to Tool section and click PrinterReports. 
  11. Select Network Configuration Report. 
  12. Let your printer to print the report, and you can seethe WPS pin on the top of it. This pin is valid for fiveminutes. 


Fixing Errors known among the users for its reliable solutions.We 100% sure that the above methods helped you in finding the WPS Pin on theprinter. If you have any query, drop it into the comment section, we will list of solution for it. 

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